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Covid-19 & Real Estate in Montreal

My home is currently listed on the market, should I put it off market?

No. Thanks to today’s technology, it is easier than ever to view and obtain a wealth of information on properties currently for sale on the web. Given the circumstances, some potential buyers have more time to spend more time surfing the Internet in the comfort of their own homes. If your home is online, people will have the opportunity to read its detailed description, look at the photos and watch the video offering a virtual tour of the premises. When the situation stabilizes, people will then decide whether they will visit the property in person. Currently, our Profusion Real Estate brokers use all the technological tools at their disposal, such as property videos, to allow potential buyers to see the properties they are interested in, and they can even write conditional offers upon your approval following the physical visit.


My home is currently listed on the market and I need to sell it urgently. Can I still allow visits?

Our top priority is to ensure the safety of our clients and brokers. In order to avoid any potential transmission of the virus, the various levels of government are recommending that no visits be made before May 4.

Will the Covid-19 virus hinder the sale of my home?

A positive outlook? Here is an update from the economist Dr Marci Roswell, on April 10.


I am currently looking to rent/buy a property. Am I still allowed to visit properties?

In general, according to the Government’s instructions, visits will be difficult until May 4. However, for the time being, there are ways to virtually visit properties. For example, it is quite easy to visit properties with the help of a Profusion broker, as he has access to our virtual platform that allows you to see every room of a property from a 360 degree angle, or he can simply show you the residences using FaceTime. Good to know: if you are interested in a specific property and don’t want to miss your chance, our brokers are able to write an electronically signed offer conditional on a subsequent visit in person.


I am currently looking to list my property. Is it a good time to do so?

Yes, of course! There’s no better time to make a checklist for your home. You can go around and check if the rooms need a new coat of paint and you can also de-clutter and depersonalize. These pre-market steps will allow you to showcase your home for the perfect photo shoot. Contact one of our Profusion brokers and they will be able to advise you on the various steps to ensure that your home is presented in an optimal setting. New technologies are great. Thanks to FaceTime, you will be able to show your home to the Profusion broker who will be able to give you useful advice to help you prepare your home for its future sale.

Will housing prices go down, because of the Covid-19 virus?

Our expert economists believe that lower interest rates combined with low inventory levels will continue to help Montreal’s real estate market prosper. Life goes on: love, weddings, births are all factors that give rise to a profound desire to create a home. And home is where the heart is!

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