1. Depersonalize your home: By removing photos, trophies, collections, medications – in short, everything that could interfere with buyers’ being able to imagine themselves living in your home.
  2. Eliminate needless accessories: By clearing all areas as much as possible, the property will look bigger!
  3. Add some objects of interest: Candle holders, candles and bowls of fruit are good choices to help the buyer easily feel at home.
  4. Clean the inside and outside of your home: By paying special attention to the cleanliness of the lawn and patio as well as the doors, counters, carpeting and stairs.
  5. Make sure there are no unpleasant odours: Cigars, cigarettes, animals…opt for a vanilla fragrance or better still, good warm bread baking in the oven!
  6. Camouflage outside noises: Do you live in a noisy neighbourhood? Classical music will camouflage those undesirable noises.
  7. Add lighting: Light is so appealing! Open curtains and lights, as it has been proven that sunny properties sell faster!
  8. Add plants: A plant is life! In particular, put some in the kitchen and bathrooms. But make sure you don’t clutter up the rooms!
  9. Decorate your home: By making the most of winning colours, such as white and beige. Avoid colours that are too bright, such as purple and orange.
  10. Consult your Sold in the West broker! Your Sold in the West broker is a real estate professional who has all the resources and knowledge you need to give you good advice in selling or buying a property.