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You can utilize various professional realtor services, some of which are listed below:

  • Marketing Services: Specifically tailored marketing plan, strong web presence, above standard promotional materials for digital and print advertising.
  • Mortgage Services: Helps to find a suitable financial institution that provides a competitive mortgage rate
  • Inspection Services: Provides on-call qualified inspectors for any concerns regarding the property in question.
  • Insurance Services: Maintains a list of professional companies that provide insurance services.
  • Investment Analysis Services: Guides you to profitable investment properties in order to ensure that you obtain a long-term return.
  • Reference Services: Offers reliable references in case the customer needs a notary, inspector, insurance company, or maintenance.

But, what makes dealing with a realtor a unique experience?

In a nutshell, his experience. Due to the vast amount of real estate transactions that the realtor has witnessed throughout the years, the realtor services you can expect from him would certainly be spot-on. Over the years, he has explored the different companies that can be dealt with in your region and from which you can expect a professional outcome. Consequently, a realtor can enlighten you as to which inspectors to avoid and the ideal notaries you should work with. Moreover, he can help you obtain a competitive mortgage interest rate!

Eric Taranowski | What makes his services special?

  • 30+ years of experience.
  • Member of the leader’s circle.
  • Is affiliated with Profusion Immobilier | Forbes Global properties.
  • Eric has received numerous awards and accolades throughout his career, ranking him amongst the top percentage of brokers within the country.
  • Advertises the vendor’s property on the biggest real estate websites Profusion Immobilier and personal website of Soldinthewest.
  • Provides a strong network of professional organizations to assist you.
  • Has numerous positive testimonials by clients who have made use of Eric’s expertise.
  • Possesses exceptional negotiation skills:
    • Helps the buyer purchase the desired property within his/her budget
    • Acts on behalf of the vendor to sell the property for the highest value


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