Real Estate Experience Built on Exceptional Customer Service.

“When selling a high value property there are a lot of intricacies that can arise. Being able to deal with complex issues in a timely manner is a critical part of the process. Eric’s experience was immensely appreciated when  dealing with several complex issues that sprung up on us. Taking extra measures and solving issues quickly and concisely made all the difference in keeping our deal on track. 

When a massive investment deal is on the line, you want an experienced point man on your side and Eric was first rate. His confidence, calm and decisive analysis of each situation made stressful issues easy to navigate. Eric is a pleasure to work with, highly recommended… my first choice every time.”

Mylene | 10 Terrasse Whitehead

“Over the past 10 years and multiple transactions, if someone asks me to define Éric Taranowski in a few words, it would be simple…

  • Professional, because he has a way of representing you and adapting to all situations, whether for a buyer or a seller…
  • Competent, because he takes the time to review and verify the entire file from a to z. Nothing is left to chance to accompany his client and the results are accordingly.
  • Dedicated, because with him you feel listened to and heard. Selling or buying can sometimes be easy or complex and stressful…

In fact, with him, we have real responsible real estate brokerage services!!! He does a great job”

Nicole and Patrick | 391 Rte de Lotbinière

“The service that Eric provided to me went beyond simply listing and selling my home. Without warning a structural issue caused water to leak into the main floor of my house after an offer had been accepted on my property. He quickly used his ingenuity to stop the leak, then informed me right away so the problem could be fixed and the sale finalized. Had he not gone the extra mile who knows what would have happened.”

Miles  | 20 Waverly, Pointe-Claire

“From the moment we met with eric, we knew he would represent us adequately and fairly throughout the sale of our house. Eric quickly identified our needs and laid the grounds to start our partnership on a great foundation. We emphasize partnership as Eric was not only available and resourceful throughout the process but he also showed he had our best interest at heart. The house was only shown to pre-qualified buyers and Eric was great at showcasing the key elements that made our home a unique buy for potential buyers. In less than 90 days our house was sold close to the selling price and we are very satisfied with the services rendered from beginning to end!”

Caroline and Sebastien| 131 Bellerive

“I recently sold a house with Eric and moved to another province. This can be a very stressful process but I felt 110% confident by partnering with Eric. He was candid, provided great feedback, helped explain clearly all details and managed the actual sale negotiation brilliantly. In addition, he was extremely responsive to every one of my questions, no matter how big or small. He went above and beyond in helping us, both before and after the sale was made.”

Keri | 157 Chemin du fleuve

“When I decided to list my home I was expecting a painstaking process, as most large transactions tend to be, especially in a buyer’s market. Eric came in with a detailed strategic plan to list my house, research done and ready to present to me. Understanding the local market as well as where the market was headed allowed him to price my house properly, it sold in 3 days for just under my asking price!”

Julia | 16-16a Du Golfe

“After months of being on the market my house wasn’t selling. I made the switch to Eric. He re-evaluated my house and sold within weeks.”

Thomas | 12 Muir Park

“Choosing to work with Eric was the best choice I could have made. He was prepared for every situation.”

Carol McCauley | 2333 Metcalfe

“Eric proved to be very ambitious in finding me the perfect house. My list of requirements was pretty darn long and he managed to find the one that said buy it, buy it! Good work, Eric.”

Todd Mailloux

“Would we recommend Eric Taranowski to our friends? We already have. We found him very accommodating to our hectic schedules. We will certainly hire him when we are in the market again.”

Jerome & Caroline Stroobants

“If there is one thing I want to say about Eric, then it is that he is a really patient real estate agent. Our situation stretched our transition time out for almost a year and he didn’t even flinch. Now that’s patience!”

Nick Reonegro & Adelina Romanelli

“We really appreciated Eric’s knowledge, especially when there was so much at stake for us.”

Shelly Hayden & Phil Habib

“Eric is the kind of agent who is well-prepared throughout the house hunting and purchase process.”

Suzanne Francoeur