Location location location… One of the most important factors homebuyers look for when searching for West Island real estate is the home’s location. You can always buy new construction or renovate an older home, but you can’t change it’s location. Here are some factors about a home’s location you should consider before purchasing your West Island real estate.

Factors To Help Choose Your Location

Is the West Island real estate you’re considering buying close to commercial buildings; such as grocery stores, restaurants and shopping malls? Would you rather be further away from them and consequently, a more quieter neighborhood? If you like the outdoors; are there nearby parks and bike paths that you can use? Are there daycares, primary, and secondary schools close by? Are there any medical facilities around; such as hospitals or walk-in clinics? If you don’t drive and need to use public transportation; how close is the nearest STM bus stop?

Before buying the home of your dreams, drive and walk around the neighborhood several times. Scout out the neighborhood day, night, weekdays, and weekends. Get a feel of your neighborhood and neighbors because it’s something you can’t change. Is it a safe neighborhood to walk, jog, and bike for you and your family? Do your neighbors keep their yard clean and tidy? Ask yourself if you can picture living in this neighborhood.

Building and Land Factors
Is the front yard and backyard safe and suitable for your children to play around? Is there a place that you can garden or is there enough room in the backyard to install a pool? How many stairs are present in the inside and outside of the house? Does your home have good windows views throughout the home? If you’re buying a condo; are pets allowed in the building? How big is the lot size and how close are you’re neighbors?

Before looking for a West Island real estate, set a maximum affordable price prior to shopping around. This prevents you from finding the home of your dreams only to find out that you cannot afford it. In the end it’s important to balance out where you want to purchase your home along with your budget. You may have to sacrifice certain aspects of your home, in order to compensate for other factors. Try finding a balance between living within your means and finding the home of your dreams so that you live comfortably.

*photo courtesy of Michael Green Photography